I am Tibor Szankovits Pro Cultura awarded Master of the Folk Art. Together with my son, Ă–rs Szankovits folk artist, we make the rooster emblematic knives. The great-great grandfather of my son carried on the same craft too, so our family has been making knives since 1800s.

We make our knives following and saving those professional craft techniques that have been matured during the centuries.

We believe in the importance of saving, fostering and if possible enriching the original world of Hungarian forms and motives. All of our workpieces are qualified by the House of Traditions’ Committee of the Folk Arts and Crafts.

Our trademark, the Rooster and the name of the family, is hammered into the blades.

We have been awarded several times during the years, the latest occasion was in 2016, I received the Creative Grand Prize by the Ministry of Human Resources during the Hungarian Crafts Exhibition in the Danube Palace.
We personally sell our knives only in Szentendre. We believe that our costumers have to touch the knives to get a closer relationship with them before they can choose the best one. Choosing the right knife is a lifelong decision.The House of Knives Museum in Szentendre is visited by many of our new and regular customers who like and collect traditional, high-level knives. Many of our curiosities are owned by famous people from all over the world.